Thou shall not!
Don't break our branding commandments.


This document outlines the branding requirements for MITA, a platform that offers a unique social experience through gaming and earning opportunities. By adhering to these guidelines, we will ensure consistent representation and communication of the MITA brand across all our channels and platforms.

Brand Name

The brand name is "MITA" and must always be written in all capital letters. Do not use any variations such as Mita, mita, or MiTA. Always use "MITA" for brand representation and communication.


MITA's tagline is "Play & Earn. Go social to connect." Ensure that the first letter of each keyword is capitalised, such as "Play," "Earn," and "Go."
The "and" should be used but in place of character limitations then "&" should be used in its stead. The "full stop" can be eliminated if the Tagline is in 2 paragraphs, ("Display: block").
"Play and Earn
Go social to connect".
Or "Play and Earn - Go social to connect". if there is no dash "-" at the front or end of the statement. The tagline should be used in marketing materials and other brand-related communications to convey the essence of the MITA platform.
The MITA logo should consist of the visuals of its entity as it has been Define and contains its color codes stated in the color palette section.
The brand text name, "MITA" should always appear in Poppins Bold typeface if it is to be next to the logo for consistent branding. The logo should be scalable and easily recognizable, ensuring legibility across various sizes and applications and hope it's not damaged in shape while doing so.
  1. 1.
    Do not reshape
  2. 2.
    Do not crop the logo
  3. 3.
    Don't Skew
  4. 4.
    Don't colorise
  5. 5.
    Or do other things to change it from its previous states.


Our typeface "poppins bold" for the MITA text communicates friendliness, warmth, approachability, both online and offline. This typeface was chosen because it's clean and easy to read while reflecting the MITA's brand values of playfulness, friendliness and innovations.
Our MITA tagline typeface "Noto-sans" is a clean, modern sans-serif font that is designed for legibility and readability to understand our core purpose for the MITA platform. Legibility and credibility of our Play and Earn - Go social to Connect!

Colour Palette

Ensure that all brand materials are consistent in their use of colours, in order to maintain a cohesive visual identity for the MITA brand.
Color 1 : #2F62E5 (blue)
Color 2 : #FFFFFF (white)


The overall imagery of the MITA logo reflects our core values of playfulness, friendliness, earning opportunities, and social connection. And these values can be directly seen on our logo visualisation.

Social Media Presence

Consistency is key when representing the MITA brand on social media platforms. Always use the correct brand name, "MITA," and tagline, "Play & Earn - Go social to connect or other supported Tagline variations," in profiles, posts, and any other social media content. Ensure that the visual elements, such as our logo, color palette, and typography, remain consistent across all platforms.

MITA Marketing Collaterals

We MUST maintain consistency in the visual and textual elements of MITA's marketing materials, such as brochures, banners, posters, and online advertisements. The correct brand name, tagline, logo, color palette, typography, and imagery should be always used across all collaterals to enhance brand recognition and maintain a unified brand identity.

Voice and Tone

When we are communicating as the MITA brand representatives. We must use a voice and tone that reflects the brand's values of playfulness, earning, approachability, innovation, and social connectivity. The language should be engaging, friendly, and easy to understand so as to portray the same energy as what the brands envisioned. Consistency is key, and with this voice and tone across all channels, including marketing materials, social media, and customer support interactions, MITA will remain unified.
MITA WILL ALWAYS MITA - Thou shall not do otherwise!
With us being consistent and following the MITA branding guidelines, we can create a cohesive and recognisable brand that effectively communicates the unique value proposition of the MITA platform. This will help to build trust, loyalty, and engagement among our target audience, contributing to the overall success of the MITA brand